Wat wil Wilders teken de petitie tegen de PVV

Xenophobia is the expression of feelings of hatred, based on origin, race or religion. Inciting hatred involves outlining a division between communities in society.
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Wilders incites hatred

"The demografic composition of the population is the biggest problem of The Netherlands. I am talking about what comes to The Netherlands and what is reproducing itself here. If you look at the numbers and their trend… Muslims will move from the big cities to the countryside."
Geert Wilders Interview in De Volkskrant, 7 October 2006

"Our contact with islam and muslims in our country should therefore become less informal. (..) The analysis is clear, we have a big problem with the islam, in The Netherlands too. (..) Immigration from islamic countries should be forbidden. We must learn to be intolerant with the intolerant, in the street, in the mosk and in court. We must answer hatred and violence from terrorists with exclusion and intolerance and show who's the boss in The Netherlands."
Geert Wilders, NRC Handelsblad, Op-ed, 22 July 2005

"We must stop the tsunami of islamification." And: "Of that tsunami of a culture that is fundamentally strange to us and that becomes increasingly dominant here. It should be halted."
Geert Wilders Interview in De Volkskrant, 7 October 2006

"I've come here to warn about another danger, the islam. The islam is masquerading as a religion but really has a different goal; world domination, a holy war, the sharia and the end of separation of church and state. It is not a religion, it is a political ideology. It demands your respect but does not respect you."
Geert Wilders' planned speech in London, PVV website, 12 February 2009

"If the current bad policies continue, the islam will conquer and dominate the West. But that will not happen as long as I have any say in the matter!"
Geert Wilders on GeenStijl website, 23 January 2007

"The first islamic invasion was, after the conquest of Spain, Portugal and the south of France, stopped at Poitiers in the year 732. The second invasion attempt by Ottoman Turks was defeated at the gates of Vienna, where they thankfully were slaughtered in 1683." "… the number of muslims in every European country is getting more than worrisome." "The PVV will resist with all its might against this third islamic invasion attempt."
Geert Wilders on GeenStijl website, 6 February 2007

"But I don't want any more muslims in The Netherlands, I would rather like to see less of them. So I want to close the borders for migrants from muslim countries. Moreover I want to encourage muslims to leave The Netherlands voluntarily. The demografic trend should be such that the chances are small that again two of them will be part of the Cabinet. There is too much islam in The Netherlands right now."
Geert Wilders, NRC Handelsblad, 24 February 2007

"They [politicians] are not interested in the interests of the Dutch citizen and are working along on the transformation of The Netherlands into Netherabia as a province of the islamic superstate Eurabia."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant, 8 August 2007

"The islam is a 'fundamentally different culture' that should not dominate anywhere", he [Wilders] thinks. (..) "Enough is enough. We should not sell out to the islamic culture and the misery that comes with it".
Geert Wilders, Website PVV and AD, 17 August 2007

"Why does he [Dutch PM Balkenende] push us into submission? Where did it go wrong with the christian norms and values of our Prime Minister? When did he realise that it is better to capitulate to the all-dominant and all-destroying ideology of the Islam?"
Remark Fleur Agema [PVV MP] on the PVV website, March 2008

"The Jihad against Israel is the Jihad against the West." (..) "we are here today to voice our concern of the growing islamisation of the West. We do it in this city, the city of David, the city that, together with Rome and Athens, symbolises our ancient heritage." (..) "We all carry Jerusalem in our blood, in our genes."
Speech by Geert Wilders in Jerusalem on PVV website, 14 December 2008

"Muslims want you to give space to the islam, but the islam doesn't give you any space. The government says you should respect the islam, but the islam has no respect for you. The islam wants to dominate and aims for the destruction of our Western civilisation. In 1945 nazism was defeated in Europe. In 1989 communism was defeated in Europe. Now the islamic ideology has to be defeated. Stop the islamisation. Defend our freedom."
Film Fitna by Geert Wilders and others, 27 March 2008

"You can only answer intolerance with intolerance, there is no other way, my friends. That might not be pleasant, not politically correct. But if you don't to be eaten yourself, you will have to eat the other."
Geert Wilders, NRC, 24 May 2008

"The islam is infiltrating The Netherlands, no: all of the West." "Not just Israel is fighting and existential battle, Europe too."
Geert Wilders, NRC, 24 May 2008


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