Wat wil Wilders teken de petitie tegen de PVV

Xenophobia is an irrational fear of foreigners.




Wilders scares people

"If it ever may come to racial riots, which I really don't want, then this doesn't necessarily have to have a negative result."
Geert Wilders, HP/De Tijd, 6 February 2004

"The Netherlands are more than full with regard to non-Western immigrants, especially from islamic origin."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant, 9 October 2004

"I am in favour of closing the borders for family reunion of non-Western, islamic immigrants. Ninety nine percent of those people doesn't add anything. They only bring us misery."
Geert Wilders, Business Magazine 'Zoete', June/July 2006

"We have a gigantic problem with muslims, it goes beyond all bounds on all sides."
Geert Wilders, Interview in De Volkskrant, 7 October 2006

"One in five Moroccan youth is registered with the police as a suspect. Their behaviour stems from their religion and culture. (..) The pope was completely right the other day: the islam is a violent religion. (..) It is present inside the community itself."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant 7 October 2006

"In emergency cases the police should shoot with real bullets at young rioters."
PVV MP Fleur Agema in Parliament debate on Moroccan youth in Gouda. Spitsnieuws, 15 April 2009

"Islamic countries are not allowed to enter the European Union. If Turkey becomes a member state, it will immediately be the largest country with most inhabitants. You cannot stop them anymore once the country is a member state."
Interview with PVV European elections main candidate Barry Madlener on NU.nl, 2 June 2009
[By the way, in 2009 Germany had 82.3 million inhabitants, and Turkey 76.8 million – see Wikipedia]

"We see that the islam forms a great threat to the freedom of others. If you look at how the islam wants to dominate here and is giving others a very hard time. They are not coming to adapt, but to dominate."
Interview with PVV European elections main candidate Barry Madlener on NU.nl, 2 June 2009

"They [politicians] are not interested in the interests of the Dutch citizen and are working along on the transformation of The Netherlands into Netherabia as a province of the islamic superstate Eurabia."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant, 8 August 2007

"'Indigenous' Dutchmen reproduce at a lower rate than non-Western immigrants. Now the non-Western immigrants, mainly muslims, are primarily based in the big cities. In twenty years time they will be everywhere, from Apeldoorn to Emmen and from Weert to Middelburg. We are selling our country to the devil named Mohammed, and no one is doing anything about it."
Geert Wilders, interview in De Pers, 27 November 2007

"Are you familiar with the fact that the top 7 of names given to babies in Brussels is: Mohammed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza? Can you specify what the top 7 is of names given to babies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and all of The Netherlands?"
Press release PVV on Parliamentarian questions from PVV MPs Geert Wilders and Sietse Fritsma, 10 August 2009

"Are you aware of the fact that the enormous growth of the islamisation and the muslim population in Europe will have enormous consequences for our education, housing, social security and welfare state, labour market and foreign policy?"
Press release PVV on Parliamentarian questions from PVV MPs Geert Wilders and Sietse Fritsma, 10 August 2009

"Taqqiya is a well-known term in the islamic world. It means that muslims who do not live in a muslim country (yet) often don't say everything they really think." "But at the moment that the islamic culture gets stronger there will also be muslims, who are now being seen as moderate, who follow along in the compulsive strictness of the Koran and its ideology. The term comes from the muslim world itself and should therefore not be underestimated.” "Therefore it is too easy to say that there are enough muslims who participate in our society. It does not say anything about how they are going to behave once there are more muslims represented in The Netherlands."
Geert Wilders in interview Nu.nl 11 September 2008

"The elite calls these Moroccans, who cause many problems, very romantically: “New Dutchmen”. I would rather call them “colonists”. Muslim colonists. Because they have not come to integrate, but to take over things, to submit us."
Geert Wilders during "General Political Considerations" ("Algemeen Politieke Beschouwingen") at the presentation of the government budget for the year 2009, 17 September 2008 (on pvv.nl)

"The political elite in Europe is acting like Chamberlain, appeasing people who in reality do not want to be appeased, who do not want to assimilate, who want to kill everything we stand for."
Geert Wilders interviewed by Glenn Beck (CNN), 25 September 2008


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