Wat wil Wilders teken de petitie tegen de PVV
Racism is declaring one ethnic group superior to other groups. This can be based on biological differences or placing cultures opposite to eachother.
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Wilders wants racism

"New article 1 of the constitution: Christian/jewish/humanist culture must remain dominant in The Netherlands."
Election flyer PVV for the Parliament Elections of 22 November 2006

"Why are we afraid to say that muslims should adapt because our norms and values are of a higher, better, nicer and more humane level of civilisation? Not integration, assimilation! And if the headscarves will protest on the Malieveld, let them come. I'll have them for breakfast."
Geert Wilders, HP/De Tijd, 6 February 2004

"Every non-Western immigrant should sign an assimilation contract. This should exactly state what you can and cannot do. If you don't abide by this, you have to leave the country."
Geert Wilders, Volkskrant, 7 October 2006

"Dutch culture is a thousand times better than islam."
Geert Wilders, Spits, 9 November 2006

"It [is] absolutely undesirable that Amsterdam has no less than 177 nationalities".
Geert Wilders, AT5, 22 August 2007

"…our culture [is] a better one than that of many immigrants."
Geert Wilders, HP/De Tijd, 12 December 2007

"The Party for Freedom has asked almost all Dutch ministries to calculate exactly how much money they spend on non-Westersn immigrants. The PVV MP [Sietse Fritsma] wants the tax service to tell him how much less taxes non-Western immigrants pay, compared to indigenous Dutchmen. Fritsma wants the Ministry of Transport to tell hem "what part of the costs for Transport works can be related to non-Western immigrants."
Article in Trouw on PVV MP Sietse Fritsma, 23 July 2009

“Migrants exist, and their hypothetical absence within the Dutch reality may be my Utopia, but is not realistic."
Geert Wilders in interview with DPA (German), 3 January 2008

"Do you realise that by installing polling places in mosks, people are more or less forced to enter these buildings in order to vote, even when they don't want to have anything to do with the barbaric islamic ideology" (..) "Do you also agree that this is a completely different situation from a polling place in a church, because a church is not a symbol of an evil totalitarian ideology, but of a religion that has been a part of our Western culture for many hundreds of years and stands at the origin of our culture?"
Parliamentarian questions PVV MPs Sietse Fritsma and Hero Brinkman, PVV website, 28 May 2009

"I don't believe that cultures are equal. Our culture is much better than the retarded islamic culture."
Geert Wilders, Fox News channel, 25 January 2008

The prophet Mohammed is a scary devil whom we should not worship in The Netherlands. Not out of hatred, but out of pride and self-preservation of our Dutch identity and our Westersn values, I defend a halt to immigration from islamic countries."
Geert Wilders, Het Nieuwsblad (Flemish), 9 February 2008

"…in the area of health care muslims must be taught the norms and values of our dominant jewish-christian culture."
PVV MP Fleur Agema, Vrij Nederland, 8 March 2008

Wilders: "Palestinians who at this moment live in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, could very well move to the other side of the Jordan river – to Jordan or other regions. There is enough room and space and many Palestinians already live there, too."
Interviewer: “You are also in favour of ethnic cleansing?” Wilders: "That is not ethnic cleansing. Israel can rightfully claim that territory.”
Geert Wilders in De Standaard (Flemish), 28 June 2008

"In any case, the muslims will [in 2020] abide by our norms and values. (..) Everyone adapts to our dominant culture. Anyone who doesn't, will not be here in twnety years time. He or she will be expelled."
Geert Wilders, interview in De Volkskrant, 7 October 2006

“But”, says PVV MP Sietse Fritsma to explain that it's not all that bad: he thinks that ”at the most one or maximally two airplanes filled with Moroccans will have to be sent back. By then the rest will have learned their lesson", says Fritsma pedagogically.
Article on PVV MP Sietse Fritsma, NRC, 3 October 2008

"The more dominant the islamic culture in The Netherlands will be, the more distant we will become from anything that has to do with freedom, tolerance and equality. Because the islam -in contrast with other religions- will not accept anything alese but the islam." "The society will change for the worse. It is no 'clash of civilisations', but a collision between culture and barbarism and retardedness."
Geert Wilders in interview Nu.nl, 11 September 2008


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