Wat wil Wilders teken de petitie tegen de PVV
Discrimination is the unlawful distinction between people or groups.
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Wilders discriminates Muslims

"We have to stop the immigration of Muslims."
Geert Wilders De Limburger, 4 September 2004

"I want to tear down mosks…" (..) "I'll be the first to go with cement and bricks to close down those mosks”.
Geert Wilders De Limburger, 4 September 2004

"Article 23 of our constitution will remain, but the founding of islamic schools is not allowed. Inequal cases don't need to become equal."
Declaration of Independence 'Groep Wilders', 13 March 2005

"We are suffering in this country from a equality syndrome. Inequal cases don't need to be treated in an equal way. The islam is an inequal case (..) Therefore we treat islam differently. I don't want to give in to a culture that is fundamentally different from us. So no islamic education. That is the principle."
Geert Wilders, De Volkskrant, 13 March 2005

"Not just respect for the law but also respect for values (is fundamental for the Dutch society), with possibly one exception. I believe that people whose only goal is to destroy everything we stand for, for example by replacing our legal system with sharia and islamic law and replace our democracy with something else, people who also want to use violence to reach their islamo-fascist goals, those people don't deserve equal constitutional rights, I think."
Geert Wilders, BBC Hardtalk interview, 22 March 2006

"As long as it is not clear that the Dutch muslim community wholeheartedly accepts the rules and order of the Dutch legal state, the fundament of trust is lacking that is needed to grant [them] the constitutional rights and freedoms in the same way they are granted to other groups in The Netherlands that shaped and carry these rules and order."
Klare Wijn (party programme PVV), 31 March 2006

"There's enough that we want. Close the borders, no muslims into The Netherlands anymore, many muslims to leave The Netherlands, denaturalisation of islamic criminals…"
Geert Wilders, interview in De Pers, 13 February 2007

"I wouldn't like to see a growing number of people, in the future possibly a majority, of the population or of the cabinet to consist of muslims".
Geert Wilders, NOVA, 28 February 2007

"The Parliament's Second Chamber requests the government to install a halt to immigration for  migrants from muslim countries, to frobid the construction of any new mosks, to close all islamic schools, to ban the burqa and to expel criminal muslims – after denaturalisation if necessary."
PVV Motion for Parliament Second Chamber, 30 800 VI Vaststelling van de begrotingsstaten Nr. 127, 6 September 2007

"I want a new article 1, which describes the leading culture (“Leitkultur”) of the West. I think in The Netherlands Jewish and christian schools are fine, but no islamic schools."
Geert Wilders, HP/De Tijd, 12 December 2007

“Expel the Muslims who cause problems, including their whole family."
Geert Wilders, HP/De Tijd, 12 December 2007

"I do think there should be less Muslims in The Netherlands."
Geert Wilders, Het Nieuwsblad (Flemish), 9 February 2008

"Install an immediate and total halt to immigration for people from Muslim countries". "close all islamic schools, those schools where apartheid rules".
PVV statements for the "General Political Considerations" (Algemene Politieke Beschouwingen) at the presentation of the government budget for the year 2008, 19 September 2007

"Article 23 of the Dutch constitution, which states that any group in The Netherlands can found their own schools, should not apply to muslims." "I am in strong favour of freedom of education, but not for islamic schools."
Martin Bosma (MP for PVV) in De Morgen (Flemish), 2 October 2008

"Maximally half of each street should consist of (non-Western) immigrants." (..) "No more migrants from muslim countries, expel criminal Antillians and Moroccans and severely punish people who ignore the law. I am going further than Leefbaar [a Dutch political party which briefly had Pim Fortuyn as a leader]."
Geert Wilders interview in AD, 7 March 2009

"But if you as much as think about introducing the sharia, beating up gays, if you cross the line as much as one millimeter, we will bust you and throw you out of the country!"
Geert Wilders at PVV party meeting, Binnenlands Bestuur, 29 May 2009

"But if you indeed start committing crimes, become violent or want to install sharia or play jihad or anything like that, we believe that there is no room for you in The Netherlands."
Geert Wilders in ABC Sydney interview on the PVV website, 25 June 2009

"If you commit a crime, if you start thinking about jihad and sharia, then there is only one solution: we will send you away the very same day, then you can pack your bags and we will take away your [Dutch] nationality". In reply to the interviewer's question how many Muslims of the European Muslims represent the problems sketched by Wilders, he says: "Millions. Tens of millions."
Geert Wilders in an interview on DR-2 (Danish television), 13 June 2009


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